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All topics must be researchable. What happens is they start writing, sometimes exclusively, expository essays. Could I create a character who would represent the main problems, struggles, or ideas of this topic? When they started to package their multigenre project in a unique way. And it's that thing where I like to get my students writing early, as early as I can because I know that their writing is going to generate more writing. Stimulates critical analysis and higher-level thinking skills. In short, multigenre projects entail a series of generic documents that are linked by a central premise, theme, or goal. Becky told me about one girl who did Claude Monet. But writing that way is not what multigenre is about. Students Learn to Think: In order to be successful, students are required to communicate with their teacher and peers while composing a multigenre research paper. Permits meaning to dictate form, rather than vice versa. What are some genres I might use? Listen to Tom mp3 Back Opportunities to write narratives I think the reason that the students generate so much energy and enthusiasm for multigenre is, one, there is so much freedom about what they can write. Demonstrates sophisticated understanding of audience needs and interests.

One paper was about Tom Seaver the former baseball pitcher. But writing that way is not what multigenre is about. Can make full use of new media literacies.

Listen to Tom mp3 Back Unifying themes in multigenre papers There's another aspect of multigenre that I think is difficult and that's the idea of unity in a multigenre paper; or, integration, one of my colleagues at Miami calls it. And I want to show my students how they can add unity to their multigenre paper.

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What are some genres I might use? Multigenre makes readers sit up in their chairs. Results in an interesting, engaging product. Not right off the bat, but soon after they have gotten started so they can start to think about how they might tie their papers together. I showed them the example, and then I was like, let's go, and I wasn't giving them enough support all along the way.

You know, an introduction. For example, maybe one girl wrote about her grandmother who had died several years before and she had an indelible moment that she wrote about her grandmother, who was Italian, at the stove making spaghetti sauce.

A newspaper editorial is a genre. Demands careful reading and response. Well, she didn't really have to do any research, she probably could have, but she just went on how she knew her grandmother and the stories about her grandmother and wrote her multigenre paper that way.

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