Zhaozhou bridge

anji bridge type

Anji Bridge stands out as a shining pearl set among the interspersed pavilions, the green grass and the majestic pines.

In another story the bridge was put to the test by two immortals who crossed it at the same time, and Lu Ban saved it by wading into the water and supporting the structure.

The four small arches inserted, on either side two, break the anger of the roaring floods, and protect the bridge mightily. The vertical combination building method makes every arch an independent body so that it would be convenient and economical for construction and restoration.

Yet, the support structure remains intact and the bridge is still in use. This is considerably smaller than the rise-to-span ratio of 0.

anji bridge facts for kids

Its convexity is so smooth, and the wedge-shaped stones fit together so perfectly Why is the Anji Bridge famous?

Why was the Anji Bridge built?

zhaozhou (anji) bridge

In yeara 7. These side arches serve two important functions: first, they reduce the total weight of the bridge by about

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Anji Bridge (Zhaozhou Bridge)